Top Advantages of Technology in Agriculture

In the modern times, there has been a great advancement in technology in the different areas. One of the areas that have experienced rapid development in technology, is agriculture. This development has played a major role in helping agriculture develop to a great extent. With the application of the right technology, some things that people thought cannot be possible in agriculture have become a reality. Below are top advantages of technology in agriculture.


Application of technology in agriculture has led to more cost-effectiveness in agriculture production. Most of the technologies used in the different area of agriculture have led to enhancement of existing processes and brought to an innovation of new ways to perform different tasks. Most of the machines used have the ability to produce more output than humans. Technology has also reduced the need to have a lot of people employed to work in different industries in agriculture. The result is reduced cost in agriculture production leading to higher profits especially in commercial farming.

Enhances Irrigation Systems

Another great benefit that has resulted from the use of technology in agriculture is improved systems in irrigation. Very dry areas that people never thought can be turned into highly productive agricultural farms are now leading in production. Technology has made it possible for farmers to mix nutrients in water used for irrigation, leading to improved crops growth. There are also machines such as advanced sprinklers that have been developed making it possible for farmers to irrigate large farms.

Reduction of losses

In the past, most farmers around the world used to incur great losses because their farm products used to get spoilt. However, the development of technology in the industry has helped reduce these losses. Cooling facilities that make it possible to store and transport perishable farm products have been developed. These cooling facilities are usually installed in trucks and stores to enable products such as milk, tomatoes and other perishable ones stay fresh. The technology does not only help farmers but consumers too because they get fresh products.

Increased productivity

This is the major advantage that technology has offered to agriculture. From the development of machines, pesticides, insecticides and other technologies, the level of productivity has gone higher. Most of the diseases that used to affect animals and plants are now a thing of the past. It is now possible for plants and animals to grow without being affected by diseases or pests that affect their overall productivity. With high-level productivity, it means high income to farmers and the growth of the entire economy in general.


With technology, it is now cheaper to produce different types of crops. It is now possible for farmers to produce more crops and keep more livestock. The development of biotechnology has also resulted to hybrid varieties of crops that are more resistant to diseases. These crops can be grown in different places and bring high yields. With high production, it also means that the price of food has gone low making it more available to people.

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